General Terms and Conditions

Definition: is a job board operated by SOLUTION FACTORY s.r.o. All services offered are free of charge for jobseekers, services for advertisers are subject to fees according to the attached pricelist.

Privacy Policy: SOLUTION FACTORY s.r.o. as the administrator of the job board of, which offers vacancies, place for the presentation for job seekers, etc. through the Internet, is governed by Act No. 101/2000 Coll., On the Protection of Personal Data. When managing an electronic database of registered jobseekers (the database), it follows the principles of processing personal data.

  • SOLUTION FACTORY s.r.o. manages personal data entered by the job applicant in the Database solely for the purpose of making them accessible to third parties (employers, personnel agencies, etc.) who use the database to search for employees via the Internet.
  • Personal data entered in the database is considered confidential and is used only for the purposes for which they are processed and their provision for other purposes is subject to the consent of the job seeker.
  • SOLUTION FACTORY s.r.o. as the administrator of the database provides basic security measures to prevent accidental access to personal data, changes, destruction or loss, unauthorized transmissions, other unauthorized processing, and other data misuse.

Liability for loss of data: SOLUTION FACTORY s.r.o. assumes no responsibility for damages resulting from improper use of the product as well as damage caused by external events and mishandling. In case of loss of data caused by a fault on, SOLUTION FACTORY s.r.o. recovers data to the maximum possible extent according to the latest database backup.

Liability for the content of published information: SOLUTION FACTORY s.r.o. is not responsible for the timeliness, accuracy, completeness and content of the information provided on GastroJobs.ccz. We disclaim all warranties, conditions and responsibilities regarding information in documents that are not content formulated by SOLUTION FACTORY s.r.o.

Intellectual property: All materials, including displayed ads, software, text and graphics, keywords and metatags, as well as the overall impression that is contained on the site are protected by copyright. Brands, company logos, and emblems displayed on the page are subject to the trademark law and other rights of Solution Factory s.r.o., its clients or its suppliers of content without limiting the above.

Duration of contract and other arrangements: The contracts have a variable duration thereof depending on general business conditions and the current price list. Before the end of the term of the contract period, the advertiser will be contacted by server administrator in advance to offer an extension of the duration of the contractual relationship in accordance with the current General Business Terms and Service Price List. SOLUTION FACTORY s.r.o. reserves the right to suspend the provision of services in the following cases: non-receipt of payment from the advertiser within the prescribed period, providing false information on the facility or operator abuse one registration for multiple premises unless otherwise agreed in writing. Ads placed in duplicate to get a better position will be deleted without prior notice.

Complaints Procedure:

  • The advertiser has the right to complain about an error that has occurred on the job board operator's site. The advertiser is also entitled to claim, in the context of the Complaints Procedure, reasonable compensation for damages that have been proven to be due to a mistake on the part of the job board operator, or to request a reasonable discount on the price.
  • The deadline for claiming is 14 days from the day the advertiser discovered or could find out the error. The advertiser is authorized to make the claim in writing (by post to the address of the job board operator or by e-mail to The job board operator undertakes to notify the outcome of the claim within 7 days from the date of its receipt.
  • Job board´s operator error is a service failure, within the scope of the order, for more than 6 hours over the previous 24 hours. Job board´s operator error is not provided when services are not available to an advertiser due to a company failure with internet connectivity, or as a result of other circumstances beyond the job boards's operator's responsibility.
  • A discount on the price is applied in the form of a credit note or a replacement service. Objections to issued invoices that would result in a limitation of the right to incur a claim of the job board´s operator towards an advertiser, the advertiser is required to file in writing with the job board operator within 7 days from the date the invoice was delivered to him.

Jurisdiction: Czech Republic

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